BMS Application

Web Application gives the user complete and clear insight into the UPSs state of health in graphical and/or tabular form. It has intuitive graphical user interface that is available from any web browser.

There are several views in which the user can see the batteries.

Map View - shows the position of the UPSs on a geographic map, which is very useful for multiple remote site systems. The user can locate a particular site and by clicking on it go to the Latest Readings View for it and see the state of the batteries.

Latest Readings View - shows all latest readings for a chosen bank in a chosen site or UPS. In this view alarms are visible in form of red lettering of different readings in table part of the view and red Graph Bar in the graph part.

Both Latest Readings view and History Readings view present the data in graphical and/or tabular form.

History Readings view - allows the user to see the UPS behaviour in a selected period of time in form of Graph ‘’Candlestick’’. The Candlestick shows how much the measured value has changed in a selected period of time (the top and bottom border of the candlestick represent the maximum and the minimum readings from a selected battery in a selected period of time). By clicking on a particular Candlestick a line graph appears with every reading from the selected battery during the selected period of time.

History Readings view also allows the user to download the history data to be used for audit purposes.

Web Application can also be used as a Bank Load testing tool. The user can start the bank load or a discharge test during which the WBMS increases the data collection rate in order to ‘’catch’’ as much data as possible and after the test preset it in a comprehensive PDF or CSV type downloadable Report.


  • Battery Explorer presents the latest reading on all batteries in a string/bank.
  • In the historical readings view a candle model graph shows the high and low performance of monitors so variances are easily seen.
  • Historical Line Graph presents a detailed view of the measurements from a particular monitor during a specified period.
  • Geographical map allows the user to select and view site data by its location on the map.
  • Alarm and event engine provides a practical way to monitor current alarm states and observe past events if needed.
  • Every click, move or login attempt is saved as an event.
  • Load Bank Testing is fully supported by the CellSPY Web Application. PDF and CSV reports are only a click away.
  • No need for late night maintenance tasks. Perform “Periodic Maintenance Test” from the comfort of your office. PDF or CSV files will be generated within a minute after a test is issued.