EMSYS Monitoring System


EMSYS Design Wireless Battery Monitoring System is a modern and complete (integral) solution for DC Backup (UPS) monitoring. Easy installation and compact design are just a couple of many unique features like: wireless communication, accessibility of data on any device operated by Windows, MacOS or Android, continuous monitoring, state of the art alarm and warning system, charge balancing and many more.

Our WBMS is designed to give a comprehensive and up to date view in UPS state of health while providing user - friendly interface, simple installation procedure and compact design.

EMSYS Design WBMS is focused on the whole battery backup system keeping a careful eye on its every segment from individual cells to air conditioning and ventilation.

The diagram below shows wireless communication between onsite monitors and their Gateways and TCP/IP connection through which users receive information.

Such detailed monitoring is achieved with a variety of equipment (components, elements):

  • CellSPY WIreless Battery Monitors - for measuring all important battery metrics and balancing the battery charge
  • Wireless Current Transducers - monitor both charge and discharge currents
  • Wireless DC Bus Monitors - for all charger output metrics and also ground fault monitoring
  • Wireless Ambient Monitors - monitor temperature and humidity in battery rooms/cabinets
  • Wireless Repeaters - extend the range of other monitors
  • Mini Gateways - connect remote BMS sites to a central Gateway or a cloud server
  • Gateways - run the entire system, act as web servers, store data, can create backups, generate reports and many other features
  • Cloud Server - EMSYS Design also offers a virtual server solution which can be hosted by EMSYS Design or the customer; Cloud server provides the same services as the Gateway but with added flexible configuration feature
  • EMSYS Design WBMS Client Web Application - shows all readings (latest and historical) in graphical and tabular form, serves as a tool for interaction with WBMS - through the Web Application the user can run tests, generate reports, download history data and so on.


Download specification in PDF > system