In these fiscally challenging times, every enterprise has to look at ways of reducing costs. Our solutions are focused on automating activities previously done by a technician and reporting the results back via broadband, wireless, or modem.

By using wireless technology there are no cables to run, no hubs to install - installation costs have been reduced to almost nothing.

With the development of the Cell SPY Battery Monitoring System, EMSYS Design Inc. has made the successful transition from an engineering company to a product company.


Low Power, Low Price, High Reliability - Using 802.15.4, EMSYS Design Inc. is focused on providing solutions that can work in any environment under extreme conditions while communicating continuously with pertinent data at a price point that results in significant savings for our customers.

Easy to use GUI interface - Our engineers and human factors work together to produce an interface which is easy to read, provides the important data, and makes finding any anomaly in the system obvious.

Extending the life of your assets - EMSYS Design Inc. products provide real time information on the status of your assets enabling you the maximum time to rectify the situation and protect your enterprise.

EMSYS Design Inc. is your partner to ensure your batteries are ready when you need them.


EMSYS Design Inc. engineers follow the basic philosophy of test, test, and test more. Prior to any unit going into production it has been tested under extreme operating conditions far exceeding what would happen in the field. Additionally, load testing is carried out in all of these variable environments to ensure a "bullet proof" units is delivered.


Our commitment to excellence goes beyond delivering the best product but continues throughout the service life of that device. EMSYS Design Inc. stands behind all of our products and we will be there if you need us. We maintain a dialog with all of our customers and potential customers. Resolving your problems quickly is important to us, so we've made it easy for you to contact our support teams.


EMSYS Design Inc. founded in 2002 as an engineer design house for low power, low data rate systems. Initial projects included designing sensors embedded in concrete for tensile strength analysis, tracking devices for finding vehicles within a metered area, and tags for tracking assets through their entire lifecycle.

By 2007, business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) had moved to the top of the list of business concerns. Companies around the globe were focused on creating fail over sites for their entire infrastructure spending billions of dollars on the effort. And, yet, the weak link in the infrastructure chain continued to be a battery that cost under $1,000 because it was checked quarterly or even annually. Seeing this weakness, EMSYS Design Inc. created the first generation Cell SPY Battery Monitoring System.

The first installation was 5,000 monitors and the system was tested successfully for 18 months before Cell SPY was put into production. Now in its second generation solving the UPS battery problem as well as monitoring batteries in other applications including cell tower monitoring, industrial equipment monitoring and hospital equipment monitoring.

Focus today is to expand the monitoring capability of Cell SPY to other auxiliary equipment and devices in the data centers, substations, and communication towers.