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End to End Solutions

We build complete solutions.
That means from the sensors to the gateways to the cloud to the app running on your desktop or mobile device. We have you covered.

CellSPY for
All Battery Types

CellSPY Battery Monitor measures Voltage, Temperature, Resistance, & AC Ripple Voltage.

All-In-One CellSPY & Electrolyte Level Monitor

All the features of CellSPY with added Electrolyte Level Monitoring. No Field Calibration & NERC compliant for VLA Batteries.

Cableless CellSPY

CellSPY Battery Monitor with no cables. Designed for retrofits where batteries don’t have tab washers.

Battery Tester

Designed for IEEE maintenance testing

CellSPY Lite

Designed for IEEE battery capacity testing

Real-time access of your battery data is at your finertips.

Our intuitive software makes transitioning to EMSYS products a breeze. To schedule a demo, fill out the contact form below, and one of our sales engineers will reach out to walk you through our demo system.

Data analysis made easy

From simple PDFs to powerful HTML based reports, our reporting tools allow you to minimize time spent analyzing data. Identify anomalies quickly & take corrective action.

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